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(TV) Re: tom verlaine in the dead?

go find a friendly deadhead & look for shows from '74. i gave mine away a long time ago. the jams are almost jazz if you listen to the parts when the singing stops. hey, i'm not a big fan of the gd's drummers or weir, but phil lesh is another story. he contunues to get my respect. it's hard to say which dead tracks that are tv like. (dark star maybe from live dead.) when i first heard marquee moon in 77 or so, tom's playing reminded me of garcia & still does to this day

Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 18:48:42 -0700
From: "greggluvox" <murderedman@earthlink.net>
Subject: RE: (TV) Re: tom verlaine in the dead?

Could you recommend some easily accessible Garcia tracks that are TV-like?
I don't know them (The Dead) very well. Hated the LP 'Dylan & The Dead'
(I put on Queen Jane Approx. and felt very indignant - I like that song to
'crunch', you know),
but I once heard a program of live boots from the late 60s (sounding very
lo-fi rock) that I dug on.
I did see the film Tie Died.
What happened to all those deadheads, anyway? Now, do they follow a new
reconfiguration of that traveling circus?

>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: TV Sam Matthews

>>thinking about buying a japanese reissue because i liked the neck (but the
>>hardware sucked)
what if you replaced the hardware?
>>i've always figured tom would have been the perfect replacement for jerry
garcia had the dead
>>continued after his death. whenever i mention this to my deadhead friends
>>they go "who is tom verlaine?" then i play them a johnny jewel from the
>>up or oregon '78 & they usually get it right away. any thoughts?

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