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Re: (TV) Re: tom verlaine in the dead?

I have always described Garcia's playing as "noodling". To me Tom's playing
is much more concise and cutting. Even in extended jams, I've never thought
of Tom as sounding anything like Garcia.

> greg:
> go find a friendly deadhead & look for shows from '74. i gave mine away a
> long time ago. the jams are almost jazz if you listen to the parts when
> singing stops. hey, i'm not a big fan of the gd's drummers or weir, but
> lesh is another story. he contunues to get my respect.
> it's hard to say which dead tracks that are tv like. (dark star maybe from
> live dead.)  when i first heard marquee moon in 77 or so, tom's playing
> reminded me of garcia & still does to this day
> sam

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