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Re: (TV) Re: tom verlaine in the dead?

In message <000601c0d293$87074540$6d04a818@nyc.rr.com>, Dennis
<dend@nyc.rr.com> writes
>I have always described Garcia's playing as "noodling". To me Tom's playing
>is much more concise and cutting.

I agree, Dennis. I guess that, given a choice between listening to 70's
music made by dope fiends or 70's music made by speed freaks, I'd choose
the latter most of the time. (Not that I'm saying that TV was ever a
speed freak but... in general).

Actually, I'd have to remove Dub music right out of that terrible
generalisation, but then given the choice between Lee Perry and Cherry
Garcia I'd take the Mad Producer every time.


Keith Allison
"The Wonder - Tom Verlaine, Television & Stuff"
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