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Re: (TV) Richards' tour

Before I left NJ for Seattle, I brought a make shift press kit for Bibi
Farber over to the Court's booking guy, and you should have seen his ears
perk up when I said "Richard Lloyd."  They actually have "Marquee Moon" on
the jukebox!  Those of you in the area really ought to go (it's worth the
trip from NYC - imagine Manitoba's but dirtier).  The first time the Lloyd
group played there the toilets overflowed.  I tried to convince Bibi this
was akin to seeing the miracle of Fatima (it only happens on VERY special
nights) but somehow, I don't think she believed me.
On a serious note, the Court is one of the few clubs left in NJ that would
book Richard, the Dictators, or an unheard of local band, and they're facing
a real possibility of being shut down due to the real estate expansion in
Central NJ.  Show up and support them!
To all you listers who made Chicago, I'm envious as hell.  But Peter Case is
playing here tomorrow. Oh, who am I kidding.

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