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(TV) Philip, there has to be a statute of limitations on responding to my posts!

Just kidding.

Well anway I saw R.T. last night and he was of course
excellent.  I actually have seen him before.  My
recent query was merely targeted toward getting some
current feedback.  

He was solo.  I don't know the names of all his songs,
but he did 3 from Rumor and Sigh--Misunderstood, Black
52 Vincent (?) and one other whose name I forget.  @
from Shoot out the Lights.  Walking on a Wire
(?)--great version, but starnge to hear it without
L.T. singing.  Also Shoot out the Lights.  He did 7
songs over 2 encores and played for nearly 2 1/2
hours.  Solo there is more emphasis on song than
guitar, bit the highlight for guitar was Black 52

His sardonic wit was there.  (paraphrasing)and talking
about his new compilation "For all of you who say the
bastard only has 1 or 2 good songs on each record,
I've skimmed the cream from the top."  A few jabs at
the record companies and a new song called "I agree
with Pat Metheny (?) which agrees with Pat's disgust
with Kenny G for dubbing a song over a Louis Armstrong
song.  "I agree with Pat Metheny, Kenny's talents are
much too tiny."  Before he started in on this song, he
warned all the Kenny G fans to leave for a few
minutes.  Apparently it will be available on Pat's
website ???  I am 33, and I'd say the average age was
45, so I felt young.  He did a little bit of a Left
Banke (someone called it out by request)song but sang
off mic.  The oldest song he played was from 1971 (per
him) but I didn't know it ("those were idealistic
times").   Sang a song about crawling back under a
rock.    Was in fine form, a good mood and really
wanted to make the crowd happy.  He asked for
requests.  The only negative was the middle aged
couple behind me who definitely need to get out a
little more.  the gal was laughing like a hyena at
everything RT said (ok, he's witty and he can make you
smile and think, but he's not fucking Richard Pryor
for crissakes!!), and the dude was singing along sotto
voce (but I could still hear the bastard)--that really
is a pet peeve of mine.  The coolest thing was the
elderly couple who were well into their 70s.  Looked
like they were there with son/daughter and
daughterinlaw/son in law  (you pick).  I am sure they
didn't know much about RT but they lasted through the
whole show which went to nearly midnight and they were
genuinely applauding.  sorry, i know nothing about
guitars so i can't give you the slightest morsel of
guitar geek info.  
when someone called out for Calvary Cross, he gently
refused saying that one kind of needs a band, "you
need the rock and roll thrust behind you."

Reporting from Hot Lanta



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