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Re: (TV) Philip, there has to be a statute of limitations on responding to my posts!

--- Jay Pontrelli <jaypontrelli@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Just kidding.
> Well anway I saw R.T. last night and he was of
> course
> excellent.  

Thanks for the review Jay.  I still second guess my
decision to attend a wedding for the socialy impaired
as opposed to going to a Richard Thompson concert that
was in the same city as the wedding that I could have
gotten excellent tickets for...

Being in a city considerablty bigger than the town I
live in this the weekend (i.e. one that has more than
one cd shop that actually sells something outside the
realm of techno and top 40) I replaced my cassette of
Hand of Kindness with cd this weekend.  Was skunked on
everything else I'm missing or don't have on cd,
including the new comp cd.  

Seeing how I no longer listern to anything new I've
taken up replacing all my old cassettes and lps with
cd's and so I bought not one, not two but three U2
cd's and after a night of boy, achtung baby and pop
I've come to the conclusion that Bono is in fact god. 


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