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(TV) Re: TV Digest V1 #446

> From: "karin christensen" <lipglosskarin@hotmail.com>
> Subject: Re: (TV) RE: Beatles Influence on Television
> i read somewhere that tom v. claimed that the cars were "like a commercial 
> televesion", when he talked about television influences in other bands.
> i cannot hear the tv influence in the cars? what does tom mean?
Well, speaking for myself here, I don't know what Mr. Verlaine himself means 
exactly. But I can definitely see a similarity between Television and The 
Cars. Listen to Television's quirkier material ("See No Evil", "Friction", 
etc.). Listen to just about any Cars song. Okay, maybe an awful, awful 
digital synthesizer's being employed instead of more complicated twin guitar 
interplay, but it's quite similar: weird, semi-nervous vocal, simple but 
gripping beat, occasional funny vibrato-y/wavey sounds coming from the 
instruments. Not quite what I'd call immeadiately derivative, but still 
close. Get it?

(actually, if I had to say The Cars sounded like any particular 1970s artist, 
I'd say Roxy Music..."Virginia Plain", you know?)

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