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(TV) you write real good for a three year old but....

yo! no dissing John Fogerty or the mighty CCR round these parts! American
classics alert ! go listen to "fortunate son" for your home work ye wee

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> Let's see...first song with a guitar line that grabbed me by me
> three-year-old balls? "The Old Man Down the Road," from John Fogerty's
> Centerfield. I don't own a copy of that record. I don't even like Fogerty
> beyond a scant handful of CCR tracks, but the riffs from that song are
> tattoos, permanently inked into the tissue of my brain, jumping out at me
> when I'm stuck on the bus, little memories causing flashbacks through my
> auditory nerves and fading deep into the recesses of my spine. Yeah, I
> "Man, what a load of shit," but the riff's still got me.
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