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Re: (TV) OT: Earliest memory of rock

I have to say that all in all, I am prouder of my earliest musical tastes 
than I am of some things I have bought recently...  "Don Kirshner's Rock 
Concert" was probably the first rock music I remember seeing on TV, and my 
first ever concert was (eek!) Robin Trower (I am blameless -- I was kidnapper 
by my baby-sitter, who had an extra ticket!).  The first show I attended by 
choice was The Clash, 1979.  An auspicious debut, no doubt about it!
My first LP purchase was Bowie's "Young Americans,"  followed closely by 
T.Rex's "The Slider."  I was about eight years old.   This soon segue'd into 
a preference for AC-DC, Black Sabbath and Thin Lizzy (all of which remain to 
this day) but was also marked by the alarming simultaneous enjoyment of Elton 
John and Sweet.  No wonder I am in therapy.
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