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Re: (TV) OT: Earliest memory of rock

aside from the enormous box of scratched 45s from the
50s my mom bequeathed to my brother & myself (which
covered the gamut from patti page to bobby rydell to
elvis to jerry lee to chuck berry, etc. & which has
proven to be a SEVERE influence/virus upon my own
songs' melodies), the 1st "rock" lp i ever owned was
the who's TOMMY, which my hip uncle gave to me as a
hanukkah gift in 74 (i was 10)...that record, the
storyline, the "artsy" images inside the lyric
book...all that shit scared, fascinated & bewitched
my uncle was/is a major who fanatic & he filled my
little ears with all the gossip, legend, information
he knew bout the band & that record, in particular...
odd thing is i find it very hard to listen to TOMMY
these days...still...fond weird memories.

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