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Re: (TV) Cars

Oh yeah, that Rhino reissue is great - love the second disc of demos,
particularly for the tracks they never officially released. The demos of the
tracks that *did* make it the first LP are fun, too, but very close to the
finished versions. It's not quite the same thrill as listening to the first
five tracks on DOUBLE EXPOSURE, for example.

Minor annoyance: omitting the two great demos from the same period that had
previously appeared on the JUST WHAT I NEEDED 2CD compilation and were finally
recorded for DOOR TO DOOR... I guess it wouldn't be a record company if it
didn't gouge you a bit.


--- Michael Olcsvary <olcsvary@icehouse.net> wrote:
> And while their albums tend to be a little excessive
> (if you've got 40 tracks, you'll use 'em), you should check out the Rhino
> deluxe reissue of the first Cars album to hear what they sounded like before
> they had a budget and new instruments.

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