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Re: (TV) TV Covers?

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From: Scott Neukam <scottneukam@yahoo.com>

> Bam Bam and the Calling-- a band that perhaps Raymond could
> tell you more about-- did Glory on a b-side.

BamBam were my first ever band and were based originally in Derry,N.Ireland
before relocating to London for a few years- they recorded two official
singles one of which went top 10 in Portugal!-both are excellent (Scott will
vouch for this)-their version of Glory is really solid and poppy and
appeared on the b-side of the "Neck Tattoo" single on Great records 1988
.Their debut 45 was called "Scraping off the shine" and was released on the
same label a year earlier.

Y'know I never could understand why "foxhole" was chosen off "Adventure" as
a 45 - "glory" or even "days" would have made a _lot_ more sense for radio

for the record the singer in BamBam was/is called Paul McCartney (one of my
other friends is called Mickey Rooney -and i used to know a Jim Morrison
too-no kidding) - he is a kind of a local hero/legend now and remains a big
TV nut -he has namechecked Verlaine in at least one of his own songs... he's
a talented and entertaining singer/poet/performer and is still giving it the
message bigtime back in our hometown....he also made a record on Setanta
Records in the early 90's under the moniker of the Deadly Engines which is
also worth checking out....

i hope this info is useful

best  to all


"how much i know sometimes-how little at others".... (FSF)
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