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Re: (TV) TV Covers? / 45s from ADVENTURE

While I obviously don't know for sure in these cases, yes it was common. I haven't done this comparison on Adventure, but I know that _Tom Verlaine_ was mastered a little bit fast. I wouldn't go so far as to say half-pitch, but I would say around 24 cents sharper than A440.

This revelation brought to us by the much-(and often justly-) maligned ProTools.


At 6:01 AM -0700 8/3/01, Philip P. Obbard wrote:

Here's another question: did Television speed-up their master tapes a
half-pitch or so? ...There's a lot of reasons. But since I know it's
not uncommon for a recording to be slightly sped-up to sound "punchier" (or to
make the vocalist sound younger), I'm wondering if Television/John Jansen did
any of the same.
Maurice Rickard
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