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Re: (TV) TV Covers? / 45s from ADVENTURE

--- Jim Kauffman <jkauff@earthlink.net> wrote:
> To my ears, the mastering is different (but not the mix) on "Glory"--not as 
> much as on "Ain't That Nothin'" though.

Ok. I'll check it out. Not too sure how clean my copy of the "Glory" single is,
but I'll make a copy on my PC and compare it to the CD version.

> If I'm remembering correctly, it was common practice in the waning days of 
> AM radio and 45s to re-EQ an album track for release on 45 so it sounded 
> punchier on a low-fi radio. A different physical master disc had to be 
> created, of course, and apparently there are ways to play with signal 
> during the transfer from tape to take advantage of the larger groove size 
> on the 45. If the engineer pushed it too hard, you'd get distortion, and 
> the TV 45s sound like they're just slightly over that line.

That's definitely true of "Ain't That Nothin'" - the 45 mix has noticeable
distortion. Overall though, despite the quick fade-out before the second solo,
I think the 45 version is a bit more engaging than the LP mix - more lively
vocal, sharper sound, etc.

Here's another question: did Television speed-up their master tapes a
half-pitch or so? I ask because I've heard some rough mixes of the ADVENTURE
stuff, and it all sounds slightly more "plodding" than the final versions on
the LP/CD. Now, this could be because the cassette tape I heard had stretched
over the years, or because the acetate from which the cassette was taped wasn't
playing at the right speed, or because the acetate had been mastered at the
wrong speed to begin with, etc. There's a lot of reasons. But since I know it's
not uncommon for a recording to be slightly sped-up to sound "punchier" (or to
make the vocalist sound younger), I'm wondering if Television/John Jansen did
any of the same.


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