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Re: (TV) TV Covers? / 45s from ADVENTURE

At 08:47 PM 8/2/2001 -0700, Philip P. Obbard wrote:
As someone else noted, "Glory" was also released as a 45 (but was the mastering
really different?), as was "Ain't That Nothin'", complete with a different
vocal and different mix/EQ from the LP version! You can find an MP3 of this
version of "Ain't That Nothin'" at:

To my ears, the mastering is different (but not the mix) on "Glory"--not as much as on "Ain't That Nothin'" though.

If I'm remembering correctly, it was common practice in the waning days of AM radio and 45s to re-EQ an album track for release on 45 so it sounded punchier on a low-fi radio. A different physical master disc had to be created, of course, and apparently there are ways to play with signal during the transfer from tape to take advantage of the larger groove size on the 45. If the engineer pushed it too hard, you'd get distortion, and the TV 45s sound like they're just slightly over that line.

Any recording engineers on the list should feel free to jump in if I've misstated this stuff.

Jim K.
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