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(TV) Q: Helium at Old Waldorf?/ Prof. Turtle & "Yonki Time"? / Ficca? / Rain Parade?

Philip wrote:  
> Ok. I'll check it out. Not too sure how clean my copy of the "Glory" single is,
> but I'll make a copy on my PC and compare it to the CD version.
I'll also listen to my 45 of "Glory" tonight and compare it to my LP/cd version.

A question related to Philip's below (I've asked this of a few people off-list last year but have never got an answer):  On the 1978 San Fran Television bootleg (at the Old Waldorf), Tom's vocals sound  like he's on helium and all of the tracks sound really sped up.   Isn't it likely that the person making the original cassette of this taped at too slow a speed or made copies at too slow a speed so on playback it sounds really rushed and pitched too high.  On both my (store bought) cassette copies, when I play it back on an old Marantz PMD 240 that allows me to adjust the tape speed up to + or - 10%, when I slow down the tape, the San Fran performance sounds much better to my ears.

What's the scoop?  Is the "helium" version the correct one, or is it faster than the band really played at the Old Waldorf?

>  Here's another question: did Television speed-up their master tapes a
>half-pitch or so? I ask because I've heard some rough mixes of the ADVENTURE
>stuff, and it all sounds slightly more "plodding" than the final versions on
the LP/CD. Now, this could be because the cassette tape I heard had stretched
over the years, or because the acetate from which the cassette was taped wasn't
playing at the right speed, or because the acetate had been mastered at the
wrong speed to begin with, etc. There's a lot of reasons. But since I know it's
not uncommon for a recording to be slightly sped-up to sound "punchier" (or to
make the vocalist sound younger), I'm wondering if Television/John Jansen did
> any of the same.

Does anyone know anything about an old New Orleans musician who supposed worked with TV on the recording (writing?) of "Yonki Time"?

The reason I ask is-------I originally thought TV's response (something along the lines of  ".... a little turtle played a bunch of instruments on it...." ) to New York Rocker's Roy Trakin's question about "Yonki Time" was pretty lame and silly.  But then I found another interview the other day which says that TV "used" a musician called Professor Turtle on this same tune.  (Uncredited on liner notes of course---by the way, yesterday on same liner notes I noticed for the first time that the song, "Last Night", gives a production credit to John Jansen---does this give more credence to M. Carlucci's old claim that TV used Ficca's  drum track from earlier Adventure sessions on the 1st solo album version of "Last Night"?)

	Last but not least, despite years of haunting used record stores (I assume this only exists on a vinyl version) I've never been able to find the Rain Parade's cover of  "Ain't That Nothin' ".  Any one ever hear it and is it any good?  (What about the Rain Parade's music in general any worth recommending? 

Yes, I know, I'm asking too many questions.


PS:  Iggy was great on Letterman esp. the recycling of his gold lame gloves.
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