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(TV) Prof. Turtle & "Yonki Time"?

Here is a little excerpt from a 1979 interview/article by Chip Stern.  It
might be of help.

'On "Yonki Time" (written with the help of the famed New Orleans session
Professor Hardshell), amidst the sound of breaking glass and general mayhem,

Verlaine's chorded solo infers the seminal 1930's guitar work of Eddie 
Durham and Charlie Christian- it sounds like Japanese reggae.'

That's all I could find.


Does anyone know anything about an old New Orleans musician who supposed
worked with TV on the recording (writing?) of "Yonki Time"?

The reason I ask is-------I originally thought TV's response (something
along the lines of  ".... a little turtle played a bunch of instruments on
it...." ) to New York Rocker's Roy Trakin's question about "Yonki Time" was
pretty lame and silly.  But then I found another interview the other day
which says that TV "used" a musician called Professor Turtle on this same
tune.  (Uncredited on liner notes of course---by the way, yesterday on same
liner notes I noticed for the first time that the song, "Last Night", gives
a production credit to John Jansen---does this give more credence to M.
Carlucci's old claim that TV used Ficca's  drum track from earlier Adventure
sessions on the 1st solo album version of "Last Night"?)
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