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RE: (TV) Prof. Turtle & "Yonki Time"?


Thanks for pointing out to me that there was a Prof. Hardshell/"Yonki Time" reference in the C. Stern article. 
(I actually think I saw him referenced in another article as well, but I'll have to double check).

>Here is a little excerpt from a 1979 interview/article by Chip Stern.  It
>might be of help.

> 'On "Yonki Time" (written with the help of the famed New Orleans session
> turtle Professor Hardshell), amidst the sound of breaking glass and general mayhem,
> Verlaine's chorded solo infers the seminal 1930's guitar work of Eddie 
> Durham and Charlie Christian- it sounds like Japanese reggae.'

> Some of the lyrics from "Last Night" are featured in the Television version
> of Kingdom Come ("This Case is Closed" - Bottom Line 1978).  

> In particular:
> "I never looked, I never noticed
> I never saw that it was night."


That last piece of info from you is particularly impressive to me------I'd go so far to say you're quite the detective!
I'll give my store-bought copy of "This Case is Closed" a listen tonight----I hardly ever listen to, it because of the lousy sound/recording quality (at least on my copy).  

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