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(TV) Dreamtime/Flashlight - Companion Pieces

It seems to me that Dreamtime and Flashlight arre almost companion pieces to
one another.  The most obvious connection between these two albums is the
production style.  They are both harder/louder than most Verlaine records.
The songs are all relatively short and consistent in length.  The lyrics are
more narrative driven, and more dense, on these two albums.  Can anyone
think of any other similar themes/links between the two?

Right now, we're discussing connections between "Adventure" and "Tom
Verlaine LP", and they do seem quite connected, but it's probably because
they came one right after the other.  However, on Flashlight, Tom is able to
go back almost 7 years and continue the themes and styles of Dreamtime.
It's even more incredible when you consider the album he made right before
Flashlight (untitled?, un-released, produced by Dave Bascombe and TV) was
very much in the vain of Cover.  Tom made a complete left turn and went on
to make (in my opinion) second best album of his career.
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