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(TV) From Micheal Carlucci at Subterranean Records

Hi all,

I've been asked to forward the following message onto you by Mike Carlucci.
It's regarding the release of the original "Verlaine" mix of the TOM VERLAINE
LP, first reported on this list about a year ago. It comes from a test pressing
(or acetate, not sure) made of the LP prior to Elektra's decision to bring Bob
Clearmountain into the process. Clearmountain remixed the entire LP, and it's
his mix you hear on the TOM VERLAINE LP as it was released.

I've had a chance to hear this early "Verlaine" mix, and it's fascinating - a
few tracks are almost identical to the ones that made it to the final LP, but
most of them feature noticeably different mixes or even instrumentation that
didn't make it to the final mix. (I think "Grip of Love" uses a different vocal
as well, but I'll have to doublecheck). 


From: Michael Carlucci <recordsnyc@earthlink.net>
Subject: Re: Tom Verlaine Alternate 1st LP

Okay Y'all,

 The long awaited Verlaine Mix of the "Tom Verlaine" (aka: 1st LP) is on it's
way. The price is $25 Post-paid anywhere in the world. Overseas orders will go
Airmail. US orders will go either Priority or UPS Ground. There will be a
limited amount so as with anything of this nature it's first come first serve.

 Just so we're all clear. Tom has approved this and will be paid a handsome
royalty for each copy sold. All order should be paid in Cash, money order, or
check. Checks take 7 business days to clear, no exceptions. Walk in customers
pay $20 cash only. There will be no credit cards accepted for this one.

     Thanks in advance,
Michael T. Carlucci
Subterranean Records
5 Cornelia Street
New York, NY 10014
Ph:212 463 8900
fx: 212 675 6795

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