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RE: (TV) earliest memories of rock

The Lulu clip (audio) is on the Hendrix BBC sessions CD. Sadly, much of the
early Tonight Show with Johnny Carson has been lost. I've never seen the
Hendrix footage on any anniversary special so I'm guessing we'll never see
it. Did Jimi shmooze with Johnny and Ed? Did Johnny describe the Experience
as "Weird, Wild Stuff?"

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From: sam matthews

> from ages 5 to 10, here are my major music memories:
> hendrix on carson

any good Sam?

btw i wonder if any of you outside of the uk have ever had the good fortune
see a great live clip of Hendrix on the Lulu show where he's supposed to be
doing "hey joe" with the Experience and they stop after a few bars and
launch instead into Cream's "sunshine of your love
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