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Re: (TV) earliest memories of rock

The audio exists for the Hendrix. It's not Johnny & Ed, though, Flip Wilson was
the guest host. Most of the 60s Tonight Show tapes were destroyed in a fire.
I've also seen the Hendrix Sunshine clip on video - maybe was in the Hendrix
    My 1st musical -
My mom's little brother (he was probably in his early 20s at the time) had a 45
collection that he gave to me (around 3 years old - 1958) when he moved. Uncle
Byron (still my fave Uncle to this day - took me to A Hard Days Night when it
opened, bought me Sgt. Pepper the day it came out) loved mostly show tunes &
pop singers (Perry Como, Sinatra), but there was also a bunch of Elvis 45s. I
think my fave was All Shook Up. Also Cool Shake by The Dell Vikings, & Ivory
Tower by Gale Storm. . I actually learned to read from 45 labels!
  I learned about Rock'nRoll listening to WIBG in Phillie (we were living in
south Jersey - anyone remember Levittown NJ?), fave was Hy Litt. Bought my 1st
45s - I Wanna Hold Yer Hand & My Bonnie. Moved near Boston in '64, listened to
"The Boss" Bruce Bradley on WBZ, but fell in love with "oldies" on Arnie
Ginsberg's Sunday Night Oldies show on WMEX. I LOVED falsetto (still do) - 1st
LPs I got were 1) Beatles' 2nd Album, 2) Dave Clark 5 - Glad All Over, 3)
Rolling Stones Now, 4) 4 Seasons - Rag Doll, 5) Beach Boys - Surfin' USA, the
1st LP I bought with my own money, $2.77. Brought it home & cried - inside was
a copy of Buck Owens' Tiger By The Tail LP!


greggluvox wrote:

> The Lulu clip (audio) is on the Hendrix BBC sessions CD. Sadly, much of the
> early Tonight Show with Johnny Carson has been lost. I've never seen the
> Hendrix footage on any anniversary special so I'm guessing we'll never see
> it. Did Jimi shmooze with Johnny and Ed? Did Johnny describe the Experience
> as "Weird, Wild Stuff?"
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