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Re: (TV) So who should cover a TV song?

I'd dig McGuinn taking on "Venus", too... of course, Bobby Sutliff
(ex-Windbreakers) would also be a good one to set TV to-jangling, since
he's apparently a fan and wields a mean 12-string. 


NP: the entire Joe Pernice catalog. He can cover whatever he wants, in
my book.

Michael Olcsvary wrote:
> The recent "covers" thread brought this up, since it's been one of my
> fantasies to hear Roger McGuinn cover "Venus."  The lead figures work really
> well on my Rickenbacker 12, and hell, it's practically a Byrds song anyway!
> Of course, nothing holds a candle to Don Henley and Glen Frey's version of
> "Oh Mi Amore."
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