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(TV) Evolve

Hi MMer's,

I just got the Evolve (Chicago) gig over the weekend.

My first impression was that it was a decent audience recording, but after 
listening to it about 5 times now, I must say that this is growing on me very 
rapidly. In fact, I think it may become the most played Television boot in my 

Why? The reason seems to be that unlike the "official" boots, this disc 
appears to have a "warm" quality to it. I really feel like I'm at the show. 
Even though I've never seen Television or Verlaine live (I did see Lloyd for 
the first time in February and I have seen some videos) but I really relate 
to this disc. The other boots although I like them a lot, in comparison they 
seem "cold and detached" although the sound quality is superior. 

In our previous posts about the coda of MM and the encores not being on the 
I first have to say that I disagree with Owen's comment about MM fades into 
silence at the end of the disc. On my disc the song ends abruptly just as the 
music really starts grooving and getting under your skin -- it just stops. 

I definitely want to hear the full concert now. But my point is don't 
disregard this disc because it is incomplete. It does deserve to be listened 

Besides Owen and myself -- anybody else have the disc and want to add their 

I'm trying to compile a list of which boots have been factory-pressed 
"silver-backed" and which are high quality professional cdr's (like Evolve) 
or the Japanese cdr and the homemade cdr's.

The following I have as original factory-pressed "silver-backed" CD's:

Television - "Fairland"
Television - "New York Stories"
Television - "Portable Electricity" Factory pressed CDR
Television - "Live Adventures"
Television - "This Case Is Closed"
Television - "Live In San Francisco"
Television - "Last Live In Portland Oregon"
Tom Verlaine - "Glory"

Any others that belong on this list?

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