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(TV) Re: TV Digest V1 #457

> The music is pretty close to the original (even down to the underwater type
> of guitar sound that the elevators did), but the lyrics are only accurate
> for the first verse, the rest is made up. 

Actually, the lyrics aren't even correct for the first verse...it's "right" 
as far in as the first two lines, and that's where the changes start -I've 
heard that this was because Tom couldn't "understand anything past the first 
two lines", but I'm guessing that it's more likely so that he could change 
the imagery to make it more visually striking (to the mind's eye, anyway) and 
toss in some innuendo as well. As far as the music goes...well, while the 
chords are pretty much the same, the actual rhythm pattern is different 
-Television's rendition features rhythm guitar which is pretty much 
to-the-bar straightforward twelve-bar rock progression. Not to suggest this 
is detrimental, of course - "The Blow Up"/"Fire Engine"/whatever you care to 
call it is rockin' stuff.

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