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RE: (TV) Play it loud / Hawksley Workman OT

II B.S. is simply meant to be played _loud_. There's no other way.

Also, I'd say that "Donna Lee" from Jaco Pastorius is another loud one.

Of course this list could go on forever.

Having said this, I'd like mention an album that is really hitting me hard of late. Hawksley Workman's "Last Night We Were The Delicious Wolves" was released sometime last May. I picked it up the day it came out but even though I thought it was great, I simply dismissed it as pretentious crap. Truth is, I was just so insanely jealous that a 25 year-old fellow Torontonian could get away with making such a beautiful piece of music. The boy knows how to write lyrics, and performed the entire album himself, all rolled up into one top notch production job [of which he is responsible]. It's the emotion he manages to bring out in his voice [which stretches octaves beyond octaves) and the lushness of some of the musical lines, like in songs like "You Me And The Weather," that make for a nearly tear-jerking experience. Or maybe I'm just over-emotional these days - who knows. Alot of people [critics] didn't like it because it really takes a while to get into the songs; some of them don't deliver until a good minute in. But once in, he takes some incredible directions that make the hairs on your arms stand straight.

He's been compared as a mixture of Jeff Buckley meets Radiohead, but I don't go for that one bit. Vocally, he uses the falsetto alot, which is something both the latter are known well for. So that's the connection I make. But when it comes down to the grind, this guy is making truly fresh and exceptional music. Get it.

Good night.

From: Maurice Rickard <maurice@mac.com>
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Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 20:01:16 -0400

Cool!  Good choice of the Mingus, too.  I forgot to mention that the
first three songs from JRLP's _Blackbird_ are ideal for playing loud,
as is the seventh.  Really.  I'm doing it now.  But YMMV.


At 11:43 PM +0000 8/13/01, Eric Veillette wrote:
Damn! If Django was played loudly I'd be tempted to burst out into
some sorta jig.

(believe it or not, where I'm from, people still do things like that)

Maurice Rickard
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