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Re: (TV) Play it loud

Stuff I'm playing loudly:
Turn, Turn, Turn/Mr. Tambourine Man/Eight Miles High - from "Byrds Live at
the Fillmore" (the way McGuinn's guitar snarls into the lead breaks on "8
Miles..." is astounding - and then there's Clarence White).

"Beat of the World" - Kilopop (Chris Butler's latest project - every home
should have one).

"Prime Mover" - Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction

"Powerhouse"- the Beau Hunks (especially useful when your downstairs
neighbors be pimpin' at 4AM - it usually sends them into a blissful, relaxed
state.  Or maybe it's just the rufis kicking in)

"My Heart Will Go On" - by Los Straitjackets.  No, really.
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