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Re: (TV) Play it loud

My cd player currently holds the following:

Ron Sexsmith: Boy Blue (I think thats the correct
title, it's brilliant anyways)

Matthew Goode Band: Beautiful Midnight (I may be 0 for
2 on titles here, 2nd cd anyways, excellent hard
Canadian fist pumping rock wrote by a slightly
deranged man)

The Cheesemakers: Live Up the Oriface (fellow lister
Andy's band, great live cd that needs to be played
really loud)

Pere Ubu: story of my life (I think I may hate this
one despite being a ubu fan)

Lloyd Cole: Lloyd Cole (finally found this on CD to
replace my missing cassette copy)

Lucinda williams: ? (the new one, hey I'm not at home
right now, quiet bluesy album that sounds like she is
singing in my living room, spooky)


> >From: Maurice Rickard <maurice@mac.com>
> >In between heated phone calls and emails with a
> certain hos(t)ing
> >service, I'm listening to music and participating
> in the now-revived
> >Zornlist.  There's a nice thread going on over
> there on "your top ten
> >songs to play really loud."


> >So what's everyone else pumping up the volume for?

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