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(TV) Play it loud

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> honorable mention for Marc Ribot's new band, "the Crackers.
> Certainly some of the coolest stuff I've seen of late...

check out his two recent records with the Prosthetic Cubans too -ace
stuff -the guy is amazing

also on the jukebox currently and being blasted out REAL loud.....

                                               White Stripes -white blood
                                                best of Taste-Taste
                                                Shuggie Otis -inspiration
                                                loads of Kinks and Roxy
music all beautifully remastered
                                                zero 7 -simple things
                                                Led Zep -physical graffitti
                                                Elvis Presley -Take my
hand -Elvis sings gospel
                                                N.E.R.D. in search of
                                                Everley brothers - (twofer)-
it's Everley time/a date with
                                                Simian - chemistry is what
we are
                                                Capt Beefheart -
(twofer)-Spotlight kid/Clear spot
                                                Morning glory - Tim buckley
                                                Back in the USA - the MC5
                                                Beatles bootlegs of
recording of Rain/Paperback writer

                                                all feckin' fantastic!!!
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