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(TV) the cover doesn't matter

--- Joe Hartley <jh@brainiac.com> wrote:

> Most assuredly not.  There are some nifty stereo
> bits on
> there, but by and large the production is a clean,
> no-frills,
> no effects-laden post-production masterpiece of
> rock-n-roll
> recording.

the only cd player i have that is presently functional
right now is my cd-rom drive on my computer, and since
the speaker is tiny i couldn't tell.  there was a
comment in his notes about the cd that made me wonder,
so i had to ask.  

i LOVE the cd, btw.  i didn't know what to expect and
the cd was worth my drachmas several times over.  


"when it comes to big openings,
                   a LOT of people think of me."  
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