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Re: (TV) It's obvious, but sometimes we don't see it...

thanks for explaing henry! i thought it was a bit more, eh, chivalric than that.

yeah, TV:s lyrics made me start writing poetry. i never heard anything quite like it. not in music. it was either tongue in cheek and corny, like blondie (my long time favourite band), or "here i am sitting by the fire longing for a maid who can cook a good old beef stew for me" (neil young; well i love him too). and suddenly this poetic, non-pathetic, all-poetic intimate and beautiful stuff on "Marquee Moon" - yeah i still find myself quoting some lines now and then...

i understand some of the lines, i feel" what they're about, but i can't explain them. that's the beauty of it, i guess?

thanks again for explaining

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