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(TV) It's obvious, but sometimes we don't see it...

HI MMer's

From:    ellentov@hotmail.com (karin christensen) writes:

>>"Never the rose without the prick"

>hmmm, i never quite understood that. the rose & prick thing.  is it a
>"beauty and the beast" thing? or an ideomatic expression? or that everything
>beautiful contains something real ugly? please explain. in sweden we have an
>expression "the back side of the medallion (oh that sounds corny), i e
>something seemingly really nice and shiny which is in fact dirty and useless
>in another perspective.

yes, it's everything you say, but also something more obvious and simple (and

rose=female and prick=male

>yeah, i love TV:s lyrics. i have fallen for the surrealistic "broadway seem
>so medieval, it seems to flap, like little pages". that's so beautiful:
>rilke, rimbaud, pound, plath n' sexton and some other greats must be turnin'
>in their graves...
>there's just so much to choose between. "i want a nice little boat, made
>outta ocean". haha.

Yeah, Karin another good one. There are just so many and that's probably the
reason why Tom's lyrics are so elusive and yet right on the mark. Just
thought and instinct seems to come out of these little cinematic flourishes
and you  do exclaim out loud or to yourself "A work of a genius. I wish I
could do that." Just astute observations and a poetic mind and soul.

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