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(TV) Poor Circulation & Double Exposure

Hi MMer's

Thanks a lot for the info Santadog. It's also great to see pix of "silver" PC
and DE.
Thanks for also letting me know that my cdr's are semi-official professional
copies and not some homemade cdr's.

The only examples I have of "professional" cdr's are my copies of "Portable
Electricity" where the front of the disc is factory pressed on the silver,
but the back has that "blue cdr" color. The inserts are on glossy stock
paper. A real cd all the way except for the blue tinge. Also, the new
"Evolve" which has a silk screen label and an off-silverish backing (not the
shiny bright silver that we are used to) and excellent glossy inserts.
Another professional job. If all cdr's were made this made, I wouldn't have
any qualms about spending the money. It's just the cheapest of the product
that annoys me in 98% of the cdr's that I've encountered. I know the music is
the main thing, but when you shell out $15-$20 or more you expect great
quality inserts and labels.

Anybody know about origins of the "Japanese CDR's" that the front of the disc
are painted gold or white with silver-pen printing and the blue cdr backing?
I have a few of these items and what to know where they fit in the scheme of
boots. In fact, Television / Verlaine boots are only boots that I've seen
like this. Any comment?

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I am a little confused by the term "professional CDR" - presumably this a
CDR burned on a professional CDR duplicator. It still uses the same process
and the same blanks as a home made CDR.
I have taken a photo of my copies of Poor Circulation and Double Exposure,
these are genuine silver pressed CDs. Go to
http://www.geocities.com/santadog99/cds.jpg   (about 32k)

Poor Circulation was originally issued as a CDR, but the quality was very
poor with many digital blips. It was then reissued on CDR before finally
making it as a proper silver CD.
Your copy sounds like one of the first two - if its playable its the 2nd
issue. Later CDR copies have cheap paper inserts.

Your copy of Double Exposure is a later CDR copy. The originals seem to be
very hard to find now.

If anyone is interested, CD Gold in Japan have a few Television boots which
are genuine CDs, not CDRs.

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