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RE: (TV) Poor Circulation & Double Exposure

Portable Electricity is a CDR - very professional looking, but a CDR
nonetheless. It was never released as a silver CD. The official looking
printing on the disc was done on a CD inkjet printer. If you have a Plextor
CD recorder it'll tell you who made any CDR put into it. Portable
Electricity was burned onto Taiyo-Yuden CDRs.

The Japanese CDRs you mention are mass-duplicated CDRs. They usually use
Mitsui Gold CDRs - those and Taiyo-Yuden, both of which are the best you can
get (these two are the only CDRs still manufactured in Japan).

I think you'll find that many bootlegs (at least the ones not by major
bands) these days are CDR only, its so much easier for the bootlegger.
Getting a glass master cut, then pressing it in a CD factory is difficult if
the material is not legitimate. Silver CD bootlegs are usually pressed in
the far-east these days, Taiwan, Korea and China I think. Very soon silver
CD bootlegs will die out altogether (no bad thing if you're a songwriter or
copyright holder).

(now playing - Deep Purple - Machine Head - haven't heard it for years, I'm
surprised how much I like it)
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