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(TV) Feb. 8, 1977 / Bad joke / When was the last time you listened to Marquee Moon?


Regarding:  > Haven't listened to it in about 24 years. -
Subject: RE: (TV) When was the last time you listened to Marquee Moon?

> Hmmm Leo... a joke I am not getting?

Aug. , 2001 minus "about 24 years" equals about Feb. 1977 . Yes, a very dumb joke on my part.

For my penance, I tracked down the release date (this was not as easy as I thought it would be to track down; almost every source  just gives a release date of  Feb. 1977).

Source:  "New York Rocker" # ??[not given], 1977, Television by Craig Gholson:

"On February 8, 1977 Electra/Asylum records released 'Marquee Moon', Television's debut album produced by Stones veteran Andy Johns and TV vocalist/guitarist Tom Verlaine."  The long-awaited album contains ..............etc., etc."

I only have a  non electronic , i.e., paper copy of this.  


> Hey, what day was MARQUEE MOON released? February what, 1977?

>I've listened the whole CD quite recently - maybe two or three weeks ago.

-> -Philip
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