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RE: (TV) Fan Club Singles

I really like this idea, but then again, I'm hungry for ANY Television/Tom
Verlaine recordings.  I would support this.  
Also, since this list is comprised (one would assume) of like-minded
obsessives, I fail to understand why T.V. & co. couldn't produce their own
cds and offer them to us and/or sell 'em at a site on the web -- bootleggers
sell cds, why can't the artists themselves?  Perhaps I'm not savvy enough in
the ways of the (music business) world.
I'd also like to add a request here: if anyone had an uncle, etc., who left
them an inheritance of Television boots, and had an extra copy of say
"Piccadilly Inn", "Camber Sands", "Empire Moon", "Living Arts",  or Tom V.'s
"Tramps", and "Ritz", cd/cdr/or even cassette, and just didn't know what to
do with it/them, I'd be grateful if you'd say "gift" it to me (Mexican
Independence Day is 9/16!), not only would I be eternally grateful, but I'd
return the favor by gifting you in honor of say Yom Kippur or holiday of
your choice, whatever.  Drop me a line off-list.

Don Mallen
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