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RE: (TV) Where MM 45 fades out on its side 'A' / "Glory" 45

I played both sides of the single of "MM" (7", 45 rpm, UK, K12252A and K12252B) last night.  The label on the "A" side of my 45 says it's 3:13 in length and the label on the 
flip side says it's 6:45 in length and both sides say "Taken from the album Marquee Moon".  These lengths times seem to be consistent with the length given on the my vinyl 
copies of the album Marquee Moon which say 9:58 (and 3:13 + 6:45 = 9:58).
However, being the scientist (and maniac) that I am--------and knowing that the times on record albums/45s are not that precise---I decided to check the length of Side A and B with a stop watch.  

Side A of MM is only 3:08.5 and side B is only 6:38.5 (both these times include fadeouts of approx. 10 seconds each) or a total of 9:47.

Side A fade-out begins just after Verlaine sings the lyric   "Hesitating!"   (the fade-out consists of the drums/bass/rhythm guitar riff we all know and hold dear).
Side B then (after turning over!) begins with a fade-in of about 10 seconds, then the first lyrics uttered are: "Well a Cadillac pulled up to the graveyard etc., etc....".
ide B ends with the exact same fadeout (again about 10 seconds of fade-out) as the song MM has on the vinyl album.  

So it appears that in breaking up the song into two pieces in a manner that would make sense for a 7" 45, that TV et al decieded to lop off 11 secondsin the beginning of Side
B.  Of course, all of this assumes that the actual length of MM (vinyl version NOT the cd version which we all know is different) is 9:58.  Unfortunately, I didn't measure the 
actual length of the album vinyl version of the song.  Anyone on list know (or care!!) exactly how long it is?  

Cleaning up a "loose end" about the 7" 45 rpm single of "Glory":  shortly before Philip went on vacation, there was a brief discussion on the list about whether the UK single of
 "Glory" differs in any way from the album/cd version.  The answer is that they are identical.

	Your listener with the golden ears and official Timekeeper, 

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Not sure. I think around the 3-minute mark, before the first solo, but I'll try
to make some MP3s this week and post them at http://tv.obbard.com/sounds/. I
also want to make an MP3 of the mono version of "Marquee Moon" that appears on
the 12" single (thanks Leo!), for anyone who is interested.


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> Ooh I've never seen a MM 7". Where does it fade out?
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