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RE: (TV) Dusty & Scratchy

This really bites. I'm paying $50 to see TV ($100 including my fianci's
ticket) and there's a chance I won't even get to see them. I think this
festival thing is a bad idea. It's good for the bands because they probably
get a huge guarantee, but as I'm seeing new bands every week around Los
Angeles I really don't need a festival to keep me up to date on the newest
Matador Records acts. I wish TV would just do like a three night stand at
the Knitting Factory.

Festivals - yuck.

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The "authorized" mix sounds to me like it's in need of a mixing. I never
realized what a genius Bob Clearmountain is. I don't think Tom needs the
money that bad. All Tomorrow's Parties at UCLA has sold out the
three-day passes. Some one night passes are still available.
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