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(TV) Re: TV Digest V1 #464

Philip suggested, and I quote:
>How about getting a record company to re-release the CD >in a remastered,
>deluxe 25th anniversary edition...

Now that sounds like a good idea. I was just reading one of the archived articles now up at The Wonder site, and it mentioned a photo of Tom and Richard with guitars or something like that on the LP sleeve...having never seen a vinyl copy of the MM album, I don't know what's being referred to, but it sounds interesting. If it was in fact in the LP packaging but not the CD reissue booklet, there's at least one thing that belongs in a hypothetical "deluxe 25th anniversary" package. (incidentally, if anyone could point me towards a scan of the image...or better still, if someone could email me a scan of it at, say 150 dpi...well, if karma's your deal, you can feel good about it!)

Let's see, what else could go in there? This isn't an easy question to answer...now Adventure would be a damned easy album to package like this, because there are songs from those sessions which never got released (the title track, for instance!), the single version of "Ain't That Nothin'", and of course I'm sure there are lots of alternate takes due to how the recording process for that album went. 

Alas, I'm now realizing that the sessions for MM are a mystery to me. I haven't even heard if any songs were recorded for the album that were put on the discard heap. Anyone know anything, anything at all?


P.S.: Off the subject, but anyone know of some good amplifiers to be had for, oh, $800 or less? I'm going to take advantage of Guitar Center's "no interest/no payments 'til March 2002" sale and plop about two grand towards replacing my dearly departed guitar, amp, and effects that got ripped off this past Christmas. Of course, I'm thinking of something tube-based here. I had a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe before and it was decent, but I'm just looking for reccomendations for some stuff to look for and try out. Now, on the other hand, if there's a used Twin around... Blegh. Back to it: any suggestions?
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