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Re: (TV) Re: TV Digest V1 #464

According to FROM THE VELVETS TO THE VOIDOIDS, little or nothing besides the 8
tracks that got recorded was ever intended for MARQUEE MOON. But hey, you never
know what's in the vaults.

I wasn't actually the one who suggested re-issuing MARQUEE MOON, but I think
it's a great idea!!

One more thing below...

--- DAYKARAK@aol.com wrote:
> Now that sounds like a good idea. I was just reading one of the archived
> articles now up at The Wonder site, and it mentioned a photo of Tom and
> Richard with guitars or something like that on the LP sleeve...having never
> seen a vinyl copy of the MM album, I don't know what's being referred to, but
> it sounds interesting. If it was in fact in the LP packaging but not the CD
> reissue booklet, there's at least one thing that belongs in a hypothetical
> "deluxe 25th anniversary" package. (incidentally, if anyone could point me
> towards a scan of the image...or better still, if someone could email me a
> scan of it at, say 150 dpi

I have a scan of this sleeve somewhere! I will dig it up later this week.


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