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RE: (TV) MM release date

Philip wrote:

February 8th, 1977 was a Tuesday, and in the USA, Tuesdays are "new release"
days for all record companies. So it wouldn't surprise me if Elektra and Sire
went head-to-head on the same release date - it might have been a way to
capitalize on "catch the new wave"-type marketing by one company or the other.

On the other hand, it *would* be surprising if Sire had released several "new
wave" albums on the same day, since they would only compete with each other for
sales (same target audience).

My memory is that the four Sire albums I mentioned (I may have one of them wrong) _were_ released simultaneously, and I may have even seen them arrayed together in a special, company-designed display. I think Sire was banking on giving the impression that there was indeed a "new wave" to catch! You've got to remember how early this was. Releasing albums one at a time would have only given the impression of a "new drip."

- Jesse
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