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(TV) Getting a life /" it's my wife"/ Great White in NJ / Programs in Verlaine Studies

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Sent: Wednesday, August 22, 2001 7:10 AM
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Subject: Re: (TV) Where MM 45 fades out on its side 'A' / "Glory" 45

> Leo man ....the great outdoors ...sunshine...interacting with 
> other members of the human race...professional help perhaps
> .....God bless > ye....etcetcetc....

Thanks for your concern, but I'll paraphrase Lou Reed: 
"It's my wife, and it's my life."

Actually I'm just kidding with the VU quote.  I even went to Cape
Cod last weekend------but not empty handed I awoke for the trip, 
as I tried to squeeze in a little TV research" too by bringing along
a very bizarre picture of Verlaine circa 1978, which I had planned
on scanning so it could be put on a website for MM List to see.  

Alas, I had too much fun with friends, cousins, and reading
"Close To Shore" (non fiction about a Great White shark that 
ate 5 unlucky people off the New Jersey shore in  1916), 
so the picture remains unscanned.
Sometimes when I'm not talking to my psychiatrist or dreaming 
about Great Whites, I reflect about a time in the distant future 
when all the great universities will offer special 
programs (or even degrees) in Verlaine Studies. 

A far-away future where serious academics pour over and analyze
the detritus and obscurata of Television's/Verlaine's career and 
write dry, footnoted tracts with such humble titles as: 

"Textual Investigation of the Influence of Verlaine's Reading Mallory's 
'Morte D'Arthur' During the Recording Sessions for First Solo Album
As Expressed in Verlaine's Use of Antiquated English and Dark Ages
Imagery -- Red Leaves' /What doesth thou sew?/, Flash Lightning's
/Your Royal Highness/I'm at your call/Shall I rise or shall I fall?/, and 
Last Night's /She took her jewel/She left the kingdom/Though many
say she was thrown out/ "


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From: Casey, Leo J <CaseyL@VOLPE.DOT.GOV>
> being the scientist (and maniac) that I am--------and knowing that the
> times on record albums/45s are not that precise---I decided to check the
> length of Side A and B with a stop watch.

> Side A of MM is only 3:08.5 and side B is only 6:38.5 (both these times
>include fadeouts of approx. 10 seconds each) or a total of 9:47.
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