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(TV) Verlaine Studies / Jest / Timing Party Songs with Stopwatch

> (my mail was in jest and i'm glad to see 
> you're not at all offended.....


I knew your e-mail was intended to be funny
(and it was), so I was not offended.

But after I sent my self-deprecating response I realized
that "Thanks for your concern, but I'll paraphrase Lou Reed:
"It's my wife, and it's my life." might be mistakenly interpreted
by you (or others) as:  Bugger off, it's my life and I'll
live/waste it in the manner that I choose! 

I included the Reed quote as a parody as in:
(my TV obsession is my entire existence); 
"[heroin] it's my wife it's my life."

> though the stopwatch thing is 
> still doing my head in to be honest)...

In the 70s and 80s I used to make dance tapes on my reel-to-reel
and cassette machines for great dance-parties in Brighton, MA.
Occasionally a song "didn't work" on the dance floor (people voting
with their feet---by the way I'm pleased to report this never occurred
during Television/Verlaine songs, although I never tried playing
the song "Marquee Moon" as a dance tune).  So, later I'd decide to 
edit-out that particular song/failure from the tape before for the next 
party. It was because of such re-editing sessions that I became 
acutely aware at how unreliable the times written on the actual
album covers or record labels could be. 

Trying to replace, e.g., the 5th song on a tape with another often
caused the beginning of the 6th song to get accidentally
recorded-over, leading to me pulling out my hair and eventually
resorting to accurately measuring the length of the old 5th song
(from its very beginning to its original fadeout, say 3:05) with a stop
watch, and then searching my collection for a replacement song 
(say, e.g., "Glory"  clocking in at 3:01) that would fit after 
requiring/leaving a second or two of silence between songs, etc., etc. 

PS:  By the way, I am willing to bet any man, woman or child on the 
MM list that the non cd version (i.e., vinyl album version) of 
"Marquee Moon" is *NOT*  9:58 as record label claims it is 
from tune's beginning to very end of its fadeout 
(measurement performed with volume turned way up 
so as not to underestimate length of its fade-out ending). 

You will all (esp. Raymond) be very happy to know that I have
never performed this measurement on MM...............................
....................................................................................... .YET!   

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Touche Leo, take a bow my man!  if i had either the 
money or the influence i'd make sure you were immediately installed 
as head of Verlaine studies-(my mail was in jest and i'm glad to see 
you're not at all offended though the stopwatch thing is still doing my 
head in to be honest)....

wishing you good mental heath

Frasier Gorman
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