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(TV) Programs in Verlaine Studies/Tom Five

They could offer a course that would discuss Tom's use of the number 5 in
many of his songs.

"You were living five lives in one."
"You said it fives times..."
"Five miles of you"
"Fifty-five fives, she drew on the door."
"Five hours from Calais"
"Dial 4541 000" (4+5+4+1 = 14 > 1+4=5)

A far-away future where serious academics pour over and analyze
the detritus and obscurata of Television's/Verlaine's career and 
write dry, footnoted tracts with such humble titles as: 

"Textual Investigation of the Influence of Verlaine's Reading Mallory's 
'Morte D'Arthur' During the Recording Sessions for First Solo Album
As Expressed in Verlaine's Use of Antiquated English and Dark Ages
Imagery -- Red Leaves' /What doesth thou sew?/, Flash Lightning's
/Your Royal Highness/I'm at your call/Shall I rise or shall I fall?/, and 
Last Night's /She took her jewel/She left the kingdom/Though many
say she was thrown out/ "

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