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(TV) speeding up masters: was listen to it this way

I remember somewhere back in the late 80's reading a
recording magazine that had an article about how
masters were sped up a notch to give albums a sweeter
sound.  I had a Fostex x-15 4-track at the time with
pitch control and this was real easy to do.  It really
did give a sweeter more polished sound and seemed to
gel the instruments better together.  I think it may
compress them somehow and the added speed may mask
timing that is off just a miniscule...I also knew it
wasn't me and felt this was the most unholy technique
in the world!

I think Verlaine was in love with the hot recording as
I remember him complaining that T. Verlaine was mixed
down a level and on Dreamtime, he said he recorded
everything extremely hot (at the point of distortion)
but alas this technique is lost in the digital age due
to that really rank digital distortion, really going
off topic I have been experimenting with mastering
digital recordings to tape at really hot levels to get
that good old fashioned tape compression and a hotter
mix.  Haven't found enough of a differnce to justify
going out and buying a reel to reel deck though and
cassettes leave too much hiss.


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