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Re: (TV) Datura Seeds ?

The Datura Seeds are indeed from Indianapolis-- the
singer/guitarist also led hardcore legends the Zero Boys
(though both bands were before my time).  For more info you
may want to try contacting Missing Link records at
http://www.missinglinkrecords.com/ or the local free weekly
at http://www.nuvo.net/.

Toxic Shock records is now Westworld and has a website at
http://www.toxicranchrecords.com/ but there's not a whole
lot of Datura Seeds info on it-- I'm sure you could email
them though.

Hope this helps,


--- Andy Ferguson <andy@cheesemaker.fsnet.co.uk> wrote:
> DATURA SEEDS - Who Do You Want It To Be ?
> Toxic Shock Records 1989 TXLP20
> They seem to be 'out of' Indianapolis , so anyone on the
> other side of the
> pond have any info .

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