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RE: (TV) Re: tv on tv/in movies

That's from the film "The Blank Generation" which I mentioned in my post 2
(?) days ago. I've seen this video in many cool record stores and also
playing in hip restaurants and bars. It consists of b&w, silent, Super 8
footage from CBGB around 1976, set (not synched) to music from demos and 7"s
of the time (TV had LJJ, Talking Heads have an early version of Psycho
Killer, etc). I have yet to see any synched or video live footage of the

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From: chelsea girl

i know
there was some video-ish footage on the 100 greatest
albums of rock and roll on vh-1 (richard [?] running
down a street to catch a television falling out a
window) -- is that view-able anywhere?
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