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(TV) Verlaine and Welles continued

Clinton Heylin also plays up the Verlaine/Welles analogy in the liner notes for
THE MILLER'S TALE compilation, where he likens the rejection of the 1986
Fontana LP with the partial destruction of Welles' THE MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS,
quoting Welles as having said "You never get over something like that"
(paraphrasing), and postulating that the 1986 episode permanently soured
Verlaine's relationship with record companies.

And yet, after rejecting an album, Fontana seemingly released 90,000 12" and 7"
singles for FLASH LIGHT, and subsequently foot the studio bill (and apparently
endless mixing and remixing) for THE WONDER. Odd.


--- Cameron Pulley <cpulley@navicominc.com> wrote:
> Another bit of Welles/Verlaine trivia.  Orson Welles refused to get a
> drivers license, and spent most of his life being chauffeured around.  To
> the best of my knowledge, Tom has no driver's license either.  I remember an
> article from 1987, that began with a story about Verliane being pulled over
> in a 1965 Plymouth ragtop, driving through Alabama(?) without a driver
> license.  He went to court and the judge asked him what he did for a living,
> and Verlaine said: "I'm a song-writer."  The judge replied, "You should
> write a song about this." > Cry Mercy, Judge

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