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(TV) [chelsea girl] tv, film, pt. 2

My previous was accidently sent incomplete (I'm typing this on web tv's
on-screen keyboard: my real keyboard broke and hasn't been replaced yet
and this method sucks!).
Anyway, there does exist at least two videotapes that I know of of
Television concerts, both from the '92 tour, "Academy" (12/92, NYC) &
"Glastonbury Festival".  Both are excellent: Academy is somewhat
difficult to see, due to the darkness of the stage (and the filmer seems
to forget all about Fred Smith!!), but the music is amongst the best
that Television ever performed (that I'm aware of), and as a bonus,
added to the end is some Dead Boys footage, with "Sonic Reducer"!
Glastonbury is much better illuminated, the filmer focuses on Fred as
much as anyone could ask, and the bonus is a Television interview plus
the "Call  Mr. Lee" *video*!
I would imagine that if anyone would know how to obtain these, it would
be Subterranean Records.
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