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Re: (TV) Blue Oyster Cult

I believe the Blue Oyster Cult formed around the
Stonybrook area of Long Island, and also had some
roots in upstate NY.  They were never much part of the
NY scene, as I recall, and even after they got huge,
they were more successful in middle America than in
NY.  Their first two Columbia albums are great from
beginning to end, with over-the-top lyrics by Sandy
Perleman and R. Meltzer, and blazing, intelligent
guitar from Buck Dharma.  Even Secret Treaties and
Agents of Fortune have their moments.  Their earliest
recordings, slated for Elektra but shelved, were
recently put out by Rhino Handmade under their
original name, the Stalk Forest Group.

As a teen, I had the pleasure of meeting their lead
singer, Eric Bloom.  (He was my best friend's uncle.) 
He's a real nice guy, very soft-spoken, not at all
what you'd expect as the front man of a heavy metal
band.  And he got us lots of comp tickets!  My ears
will never be the same...

- Jeff

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